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Syntynyt1816 (kuollut 1843)MaaIso-BritanniaEmälinja
Säkä152 cm Värirn
KasvattajaJary Roger, Ashill and Harling, Norfolk, EnglantiOmistaja
SiirtohistoriaIso-Britannia > Yhdysvallat (1822)
JälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset8 jälkeläistä
Muuta"This celebrated horse is a beautiful bright bay with black legs, 7 years old, standing 15 hands high; his superior blood, symmetry and action excel every other trotting stallion. He is allowed by the best judges in Norfolk to be the fastest and best bred horse ever sent out of that country. He has proved himself a sure foal getter, and his stock for size and substance are not to be surpassed; they are selling at the highest prices of any horses in Norfolk."

"Bellfounder had a small head and ears; full prominent eye and wide apart; neck medium lenght set well from the withers; shoulders deep and oblique; deep girth and full chested; fore legs well apart (not wide); short back, round ribbed and very broad on the loin; hips wide and well gathered in; long full quarters to hocks and short to fetlocks; limbs strong and well muscled; broad and flat below the knees and hocks, pasterns rather short; concave hoofs and open heels; tail and mane full haired; had a large star in forehead, with a diamond shape end of nose or lip; one hind pastern white, and a little white on the opposite fore foot at the heel; age, in his teens."
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