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Arctic Vet

Birdcatcher / Irish Birdcatcher
RotuEnglantilainen täysiverinenSukupuolioriReknro
Syntynyt1833 (kuollut 1860, lopetettu, vanhuus)MaaIrlantiEmälinjaFamily 11
Säkä155.5 cm Värirt
KasvattajaBrownstown Stud, IrlantiOmistaja Disney William, Tuntematon
EnnätyksetStartit15 7-?-?Voitto- ja sija%47% / 47%Voittosumma
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset75 jälkeläistä
MuutaRace record

Paget Stakes at the Curragh, unplaced

Three-year-old ~raced exclusively at the Curragh
Madrid Stakes: won, beating Maria (b.f. by Sir Hercules), Langford (br.c. by Sir Hercules), Quicksilver (b.c. by Memnon), and five other entries
Miltown Stakes: won, beating Cushneiche (ch.c. by Roller)
Wellington Stakes: came 2nd, after Maria, beating Whim (gr.f. by Drone), and eight others
Challenge Stakes: 2nd, after Whim, beating Maria
November Mulgrave Handicap: 3rd, after winner Water Witch (bl.f. by Sir Hercules) and Blackfoot (b.c. by Young Blacklock), beating Fusileer (ch.c. by The Colonel), Whim, and three other entries
October Mulgrave Handicap: unplaced, won by Langford followed by Whim

Four-year-old ~raced exclusively at the Curragh
Kildare Stakes: won, beating Thump (b.c. Humphrey Clinker), Aigirio (gr.c. Roller), Quicksilver, and two others
King's Plate: Croughpatrick (br.c. Blacklock) and five others
Wellington Stakes: won (walked over)
April Challenge Stakes: 2nd, after Blackfoot, beat four others
King's Plate: 2nd to Freney
King's Plate: 3rd, after winner Harkaway, and Gipsy (bl.f. Sir Hercules)
September Challenge Stakes: 3rd, after winner Mercury (gr.c. Drone), and Austerlitz (br.c. Napoleon)
Wellington Stakes: unplaced, won by Harkaway
Doris Stakes: unplaced, won by Maria

His death was accounted by Patrick Connolly. "Among the mares sent to the son of Sir Hercules that year was Mr Michael Dunne's Queen Bee. She was a mare of good size, and when Birdcatcher attempted to serve her, he failed to do so. Mr Disney, who owned the stallion, thereupon decided that he should no longer survive. At once a messenger was dispatched to the local police station with orders to bring back with him a constable with a loaded gun, as a horse was required to be destroyed. The police officer - his name was Preston - reported himself to Mr Disney, who gave the necessary directions for the destruction of Birdcatcher. The horse was placed on the brink of a sandpit situated on the flat opposite Conyngham Lodge, Curragh; without any ceremony he was shot and his carcass tumbled into the pit. Thus ended the career of a good racehorse and a mighty sultan at the age of twenty-seven years. His head was afterwards presented to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dublin."
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Sir Hercules
m s. 1826† IRL

trn s. 1807† GBR

xx rn s. 1790 GBR
xx rt s. 1773 GBR
Eclipse xx vrt s. 1764†
Sportsmistress xx rt s. 1765
xx rn s. 1777 GBR
Herod xx rn s. 1758†
Lisette xx rn s. 1772
xx rn s. 1798 GBR
xx m s. 1782 GBR
Conductor xx rt s. 1767
Brunette xx rn s. 1771
xx rn s. 1788 GBR
Highflyer xx rn s. 1774†
Promise xx rn s. 1768†
rn s. 1822 GBR

xx rn s. 1811 GBR
xx rn s. 1790 GBR
Mercury xx rt s. 1778†
Herod mare xx rn s. 1779†
xx rn s. 1795 GBR
Woodpecker xx rt s. 1773†
Camilla xx rn s. 1778†
xx m s. 1809 GBR
xx rt s. 1782 GBR
Eclipse xx vrt s. 1764†
Grecian Princess xx rt s. 1770
xx s. 1800 GBR
Sir Peter Teazle xx trn s. 1784†
Hornet xx rn s. 1790
rt s. 1823 IRL

Bob Booty
rt s. 1804 IRL

xx rt s. 1787 GBR
xx rt s. 1773 GBR
Herod xx rn s. 1758†
Miss Ramsden xx rn s. 1974
Eclipse mare
xx rn s. 1778 GBR
Eclipse xx vrt s. 1764†
Rosebud xx trn s. 1765
xx s. 1790
xx s. 1780 GBR
Herod xx rn s. 1758†
Marotte xx rn s. 1766
Gamahoe mare
Gamahoe xx s. ~1759
Patty xx
rt s. 1809 IRL

xx s. 1800 IRL
xx rt s. 1793
Tom Tug xx rn s. 1777
Smallhopes xx
Moll In The Wad
xx rn s. 1791 GBR
Highflyer xx rn s. 1774†
Shift xx rt s. 1779
Young Heroine
xx s. 1791 IRL
xx s. 1780 GBR
Herod xx rn s. 1758†
Marotte xx rn s. 1766
xx IRL
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