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Black Morgan / Brown's Morgan / Royal George
RotuMorganinhevonen (Morgan horse)SukupuolioriReknroAMHA #812
Syntynyt6/1852 (kuollut 5/1876)MaaKanadaEmälinja
Säkä155 cm Värim
KasvattajaMr. Colby, Hatley, Quebec, KanadaOmistajaGarfield J. B., Waterloo, Quebec, Kanada (1874 ->)
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset1 jälkeläistä
Muutai. Black Morgan ii. Green Mountain
"He was sound, spirited and stylish to the time of his death. His stock were uniform in shape and color, stylish and speedy, and although he did a very large service in the three countries for over 20 years, 120 mares each year, scarcely one of his colts can be found there; many of them were sold as matched pairs; most of them were black, bay or very dark chestnut, and all had the Morgan style and spirit, and were great roadsters. He had strong limbs, heavy bone, good feet, mane and tail long and wavy, beautiful style and proud action. I had no opportunity to train him, but he trotted a race on ice in 2:48." - The Morgan Horse and Register vol. I
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Royal George
rn USA

Green Mountain Black Hawk AMHA #955
rt 162 cm s. 1850 USA

Sherman Black Hawk AMHA #51
m s. 1845 USA
Black Hawk AMHA #20
40,6 m s. 1833 USA
Sherman Morgan AMHA #5 prt 131 cm s. 1808†
Queen Of The Neck xx m s. 1825
Liberty Mare
Wilcox's mare
Colby's Mare
m s. ~1848

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