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Arctic Vet

RotuEnglantilainen täysiverinenSukupuolioriReknro
Syntynyt1939 (kuollut 1967)MaaIso-BritanniaEmälinjaFamily 1-o
Säkä165 cm Väritrn
KasvattajaOmistajaHaras Nationaux, Ranska (1946-1967)
SiirtohistoriaIso-Britannia > Ranska (1946)
JälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset55 jälkeläistä
MuutaIn 1946, a National Stud Commission was formed in France to buy foreign stallions to increase the French gene pool. According to Jean Delannoy, in his definitive article on Furioso in Annuaire de l’Étalon Sport Français, 1992, the talents of the team were well matched “The Commission was composed of the general inspectors Mr Richard and Mr Vincent and the Stud Farm officer and founder of UNIC Mr Maurice O’Neill. Richard’s speciality was the conformation and gaits of a good horse, Vincent was an expert on Thoroughbreds, and O’Neill, with Irish horses being popular, was in a particularly strong position for a search in England.”

They were shown Furioso. Admittedly his career did not greatly impress; he was now seven, and had raced 21 times and only came close to winning three times. Still “his dignity, harmonious length and general conformation were enough to seduce. Mr O’Neill, who had never ridden such a well balanced horse, forgave him his slightly knock kneed forelegs, his somewhat tight hock and his long legged conformation. He was purchased for 800 pounds from Mr Blunt.”

The recently appointed director of the Haras de Pin, the Viscount of Poncins claimed him for his breeding area. He “had been won over by this big brown bay, thick limbed, who walked like a lord with a magnificent pace, very energetic and showing a great deal of amplitude, his tail swinging at each step. His trot and gallop were good but not exceptional. He had never jumped either fence or bar in England, and, to the great surprise of onlookers, was never to jump in France. Although very energetic and full of life, he was docile in his stall and of good temperament.”
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