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RotuEnglantilainen täysiverinenSukupuolioriReknro993/US
Syntynyt1824 (kuollut 10/1835)MaaIso-BritanniaEmälinjaFamily 13
KasvattajaOmistajaMr. Clifton, Iso-Britannia
Mr. Tattersal, Boydton, Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Yhdysvallat
EnnätyksetStartit22 8-8-?Voitto- ja sija%36% / 73%Voittosumma
SiirtohistoriaIso-Britannia > Yhdysvallat (1832)
JälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset10 jälkeläistä
Muuta"Fylde is dark bay horse, of great substance and power, and of very handsome and commanding form. He is at present lame in his right fore foot, from his standing nearly two months without once relieving himself by lying down, on a long passage of fifty-six days. He was selected in England, and purchased at a high price, as a good cross to improve our blood stock. He was imported in the ship Equator along with Luzborough, and landed at City Point, on the twenty-ninth of last August. His recovery at one time considered doubtful, but he is now rapidly convalescent, and before the end of the year (1832) will be entirely recovered." - American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine vol. IV

"Fylde is upwards of five feet four inches high; has large bone; has very clean, dry muscle; has great length, substance and power; is large and deep in his frame, deep in the brisket, deep in the girth, deep in the flank, and of striking muscular development every where. His head is clean, bony and handsome; his eyes excellent; his neck of good length, rises well from the shoulder and joins the head well; his shoulders very oblique, capacious, strong, and thin at the withers; back short and very strong; loin wide, muscular and very strong; thigh long, clean, muscular, and eminently good in the stifle and hock; his arm is long, and the muscle on it very clean and distinctly defined; his legs short, especially the fore legs, and of most exquisite workmanship; his pasterns of good length and very strong, and his feet of excellent size and shape." - American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine vol. IV
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