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RotuEnglantilainen täysiverinenSukupuolioriReknro
Syntynyt1864 (kuollut 29.4.1890)MaaIso-BritanniaEmälinjaFamily 5
Kasvattaja Blenkiron William, Iso-BritanniaOmistaja Chaplin Henry, Iso-Britannia
EnnätyksetStartit23 8-9-0Voitto- ja sija%35% / 74%Voittosumma41 261 GBP
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset126 jälkeläistä
MuutaEpsom Derby (1867)
St. James's Palace Stakes (1867)

Leading sire in Great Britain & Ireland
Leading broodmare sire in Great Britain & Ireland
(5 times)

Hermit was an exceptional sire, with 846 English stakes winners, and was the leading English sire for seven years (1880–86).[27] He sired Tristan (1878), winner of the Ascot Gold Cup, and Friar's Balsam (1885), brilliant as a two-year old but plagued by mouth abscesses during and after the 2000 Guineas. Hermit's son, Ascetic, was the leading sire of Irish steeple chasers for almost 20 years. His son, St. Blaise, won the Epsom Derby in 1883 and was shipped to Belmont Stud in the United States where he became the leading U.S. sire of 1890, siring Potomac.

He was the Leading broodmare sire in Great Britain & Ireland five times and his most notable female offspring were the classic-winning fillies:
Thebais (1878) - winner of the One Thousand Guineas and the Yorkshire Oaks
St. Marguerite (1879) - granddam of Rock Sand and winner of the One Thousand Guineas and the Yorkshire Oaks
Shotover (1879) - winner of the Two Thousand Guineas and the 1882 Epsom Derby, third-dam of Frizette
Lonely (1882) - winner of the Yorkshire Oaks[28]

Other notable daughters included Cinderella (dam of the American racehorse, Peter Pan I), Moorhen and Bella-Donna (dam of the American racemare, Beldame).[28]

Hermit's tail-male line is extinct, with the last descendant, 1922 Kentucky Derby winner Morvich dying in 1946.[29]

Hermit died on 29 April 1890 at the age of 25 at his owner's Blankney Stud in Lincolnshire.[30] His skeleton was preserved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons while Chaplin had one of his hooves mounted and fashioned into an ink-stand which he presented to the Prince of Wales.[16]
Saavutuksia (1 kpl)
1867The Derby Stakes (1.)
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rn s. 1848† GBR

rn 151 cm s. 1831† GBR

xx trn s. 1822 GBR
xx trn s. 1807 GBR
Waxy xx rn s. 1790†
Penelope xx rn s. 1798†
Selim mare
xx rn s. 1812 GBR
Selim xx rt s. 1802†
Maiden xx rn s. 1801
xx rn s. 1826 GBR
Master Henry
xx rn s. 1815 GBR
Orville xx rn s. 1799†
Miss Sophia xx rn s. 1805†
xx trn s. 1807 GBR
Alexander xx rt s. 1782†
Brunette xx rn s. 1790
rn 157 cm s. 1833 GBR

Dr Syntax
xx rn s. 1811 GBR
xx trn s. 1791 GBR
Trumpator xx m s. 1782
Mark Anthony Mare xx
Beningbrough Mare
xx s. 1800 GBR
Beningbrough xx rn s. 1791†
Jenny Mole xx s. 1787
Ardrossan Mare
xx rt s. 1817 GBR
xx rn s. 1809 GBR
John Bull xx rt s. 1789
Miss Whip xx rn s. 1793
Lady Eliza
xx rn s. 1813 GBR
Whitworth xx rn s. 1805
Spadille Mare xx rn s. 1793†
rn s. 1857 GBR

trn s. 1846 GBR

xx trn s. 1835 GBR
xx rn s. 1822 GBR
Paulowitz xx trn s. 1813
Paynator mare xx rn s. 1810
xx trn s. 1831 GBR
Edmund xx rn s. 1824
Medora xx rt s. 1811†
xx rn s. 1838 GBR
xx rn s. 1816 GBR
Selim xx rt s. 1802†
Bacchante xx trn s. 1809
xx trn s. 1832 GBR
Camel xx trn s. 1822†
Monimia xx rn s. 1821†
Miss Sellon
rn s. 1851 GBR

xx rn s. 1842 GBR
Bay Middleton
xx rn s. 1833 GBR
Sultan xx rn s. 1816
Cobweb xx rn s. 1821
xx rn s. 1837 GBR
Priam 1934/US xx rn s. 1827†
Octaviana xx s. 1815
Belle Dame
xx rt s. 1839 GBR
Belshazzer 216/US
xx rt s. 1830 GBR
Blacklock xx rn s. 1814†
Manuella xx rn s. 1809
xx rn s. 1831 IRL
Starch xx trn s. 1819
Cuirass xx rt s. 1823
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