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Kann FR
RotuArabialainen täysverinenSukupuolioriReknroSBFAR 5933, RASB I 54, FRSB XXI 1036, RASB 26, 9 SOV
Syntynyt1927 (kuollut 1943)MaaRanskaEmälinja
Säkä156 cm Värirt
KasvattajaOmistajaTersk Arabian Stud, Piatygorsk, Neuvostoliitto
SiirtohistoriaRanska > Venäjä (1930)
JälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset13 jälkeläistä
MuutaKann, was described as "exceptionally strong with a wide and deep chest, a long, very wide croup, having excellently developed muscles and dry, strong, correctly placed legs".
During 13 years at stud at Tersk, Kann was the leading sire of purebred foals. He crossed exceptionally well the mares brought with him from France, and the resultant offspring were of high quality. Seventeen of Kann's daughters were incorporated into the program at Tersk and greatly influenced the productivity of the farm during its early years of operation. Unfortunately, Kann was not fully utilized. He had limited breedings with the mares later brought in from England and Poland. Kann's best son, KOREJ, was a French-English cross.

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