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Mambrino Paymaster / Blind Paymaster
RotuEnglantilainen täysiverinenSukupuolioriReknro
Syntynyt (kuollut 1848)MaaYhdysvallatEmälinja
SäkäVäritrn, pti hieman sek tj
KasvattajaArnold Azariah, Dutchess County, New York, YhdysvallatOmistajaHolmes Gilbert, Vermont, Yhdysvallat
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset10 jälkeläistä
Muutasyntynyt vuosien 1822 ja 1826 välillä

"His back, loin and hips were altogether superior, and those who knew him best say they never saw his equal at these points. His head was large and bony, with an ear after the Mambrino model. His neck was of medium length and his shoulder good. His hind legs were quite crooked and too much cut in below the hock in front, giving the legs at that point a narrow and weak appearance; his hocks were large and at the curb place showed a fullness. His cannon bones, all round, were short for a horse of his size, and his feet were excellent. He was slow in maturing, but when he filled out he lost all that narrow, weedy appearance which charactrized his colthood. He was not beautiful, but powerful." -- The horse of America in his derivation, history and developement
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rn s. 1806 USA

Messenger 1562/US
km s. 1780† GBR

xx km s. 1768 GBR
xx rn s. 1756 GBR
Sampson xx rn s. 1745
Miners Dam xx
Cade mare
xx km s. 1751 GBR
Cade xx rn s. 1734†
Bolton Little John Mare xx km s. ~1741
Turf Mare
xx m s. 1774 GBR
xx rn s. 1760
Matchem xx rn s. 1748
Ancaster Starling Mare xx
Regulus mare (sister to Figurante)
xx rn GBR
Regulus xx rn s. 1739†
Starling mare xx m s. 1753
Sour Crout mare

Sour Crout US-2367
xx rn s. 1786 GBR
xx rn s. 1774 GBR
Herod xx rn s. 1758†
Rachel xx rn s. 1763†
xx rn s. 1775 GBR
Squirrel xx s. 1754
Sophia xx s. 1764
Whirligig Mare
xx rn s. 1763 GBR
Bajazet xx rn s. 1740
Babraham mare xx
Old Slammerkin
xx s. 1769 USA
Wildair 2752/US xx s. 1753
Cub mare (De Lancey's) xx s. 1762
Paymaster Mare

km s. 1779 GBR

xx rn s. 1766 GBR
xx rn s. 1740 GBR
Godolphin Arabian ox rn 150 cm (arvio) s. 1724†
Amorett xx rt s. 1727
xx trn s. 1759 GBR
Snap xx trn s. 1750†
Regulus mare xx rn s. 1749
Le Sang mare
xx km s. 1774 GBR
Le Sang
xx rn s. 1759 GBR
Changeling xx rn s. 1747
Duchess xx rn s. 1748
Rib mare
xx km s. 1751 GBR
Rib (Routh's) xx km s. 1736†
Mother Western xx s. 1731
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