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Sukuposti on mukana Hevoset 2020-messuilla 4.-5.4.2019!

RotuShetlanninponiSukupuolitammaReknroS. 549 HOL
Säkä93 cm Värirt
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläiset3 jälkeläistä
MuutaToosje was taken by the German Army. Her owner found her back in the city of Apeldoorn. He told the "owner" that she was pregnant and he could take her back home. Toosje was not pregnant but he told this so he could take her home again. All of the neigherhood borrowed Toosje to do all kinds of jobs. Transporting milk, during the village fair she would pull a cart with musical drums. She also was a smuggler pulling the cart with flowerbulbs and coffee from the border in the middle of the night! The whole village liked Toosje. She had 17 foals. Two of them where licensed stallions: Kornet van Netterden S.225 and Ulfred van Netterden V.18214 She was 27 when she died.
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H. 4 HOL
mkrj 102 cm s. 1933

H. 85 HOL

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