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Volo Song
RotuLämminverinen ravihevonenSukupuolioriReknro
Syntynyt1940 (kuollut 19.7.1944, lopetettu, jalan murtuma)MaaYhdysvallatEmälinjaAbbess
KasvattajaOmistajaBaker E. J., St. Charles, Illinois, Yhdysvallat (1944)
Ennätykset13,2a(4)StartitVoitto- ja sija%Voittosumma47 840 USD
SiirtohistoriaJälkeläisluokkaJälkeläisetEi jälkeläisiä
Muuta"On Monday, July 10, at North Randall track, Volo Song not only established a new race-record for trotting stallions but displayed such marvelous form as to cause all present to immediately conclude that his achievement at Cleveland's suburban course was but an indication of future greatness of an unparalleled nature.
From Cleveland he was shipped along with King's Counsel 3, 2:00 and other notable performers owned by Mr. E. J. ,Baker, St. Charles. Ill., by his trainer, Harry Fitzpatrick, to Elkhorn, Wis., and the pair of notable four-year-olds were scheduled to appear on Sunday, July 16. In the first heat of the race in which Volo Song participated, he had covered about three-fourths of the mile when he suddenly reared on his hind limbs and came to a sudden stop, an examination by a veterinarian disclosing that the 1943 Hambletonian winner and world's champion had fractured a bone in his left front ankle. We naturally assume that the injured member has been placed in a cast and every known method used to insure the proper knitting of the break. What the ultimate response to the treatment will be is problematical, and it is hoped that he will some day recover and return to his marvelous form as of July 10, but in the event same does not occur, he will, we trust, demonstrate his unusual attainments in another most useful field, that as a sire." -- Harness Horse July 19, 1944
Saavutuksia (1 kpl)
1943The Hambletonian (1.)
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